Come celebrate World Shochu Day with us on Thursday, November 1st!

This November is all about Kagoshima Prefecture and Japan's unique distilled alcohol at Sake Central, and we are kicking the month off with the biggest shochu tasting we've done to date. 

There are currently over a hundred distilleries in Kagoshima, producing some of the best shochu in Japan, and we're proud to welcome Komasa, Satsuma and Ookubo shuzo and some other producers from the region at Sake Central for this month's tasting. 

Each distillery will bring a lineup of their best shochu for a free tasting, so come enjoy this unique opportunity to try them all and pick your favorite bottles with a special 10% discount only available at the tasting. 

See you at Sake Central!

Date: Thursday, November 1st
Time: 4pm - 11pm
Admission: Free