Feb 28, Mar 1st, 2nd | IKKON Ceramics & Suzuki Shuzoten Pop Up

Experience how glassware shape affects aroma and flavor of sake in a unique lineup of events with IKKON Ceramics and Suzuki Shuzoten team all the way from Japan. 

On Thursday, February 28th and Friday, March 1st from 3 to 8pm we'll be hosting a free public meet and greet in our Tatami Tasting Room. You'll be able to try a lineup of Suzuki Shuzoten Sake from Yamagata Prefecture and discover how different shapes of glassware affect the way sake tastes. Enjoy our light food bites paired with your drinks, while browsing through a beautiful selection of IKKON ceramic pieces, and maybe pick a few to take home!

On Saturday, March 2nd from 2:30 to 4pm join us for a guided IKKON Ceramics workshop and Suzuki Shuzoten sake tasting and take away a set of three incredible sake cups (retailing for 1,200$ HKD). Tickets for this event are available for purchasing online via this link. 


IKKON is a recently established brand of sake ceramics with minimalist aesthetic and unique double wall cup design. Each of the cups produced in their "Ohaku" line seems identical from the outside, but internally has a different shape - narrow, round or straight, each bringing out different flavors and aromas in sake.


Originally established at the end of Edo Era in Fukushima, Suzuki Sake Brewery has earned its reputation as a high quality sake producer well loved by the local community. Unfortunately the devastating tsunami that ruined areas of coastal Fukushima in 2011, has also completely destroyed the brewery.

It's only due to the president Daisuke Suzuki's courage and desire to preserve the history of his family brewery that has been handed down from generation to generation, that it has been reborn a few years ago. Mr. Suzuki has purchased an out of business sake brewery in Yamagata Prefecture and has been able to resume production of incredible sake, this time in a different part of Japan.