May 25 & 26 | Nishitomo Tsukudani Tasting at Sake Central

Nishitomo Tsukudani is back at Sake Central! As an extended part of our Shiga Prefecture promotion, Nishitomo Owner Mr. Yoshihito Sakata is flying from Japan for one weekend only! Together with Chef Lok Yan Li, they will launch the new season of our favorite seafood along with local Shiga produce, rice and sake.

Tsukudani are unique fish snacks that come from Lake Biwa - Japan’s largest fresh water lake located in the heart of Honshu island. Due to its crystal clear and nutritious water, Lake Biwa is home to a great variety of fish including Biwa trout, small sweet fish, Japanese crucian carp, lake prawns, Seta clams and many others. After being caught these fish are immediately processed and simmered in sweet soy sauce and mirin to impart the unique flavor and texture tsukudani is famous for. 

Come visit our Tatami Bar to try these unique snacks at an all day tasting and stay for dinner!