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Sake Central led by Sake Samurai Elliot Faber, co-founders Takashi Endo and Matteo Ceravolo is a celebration of Japanese culture with a primary focus on food & beverage, with a primary focus on sake! Our mission is to bring sake and everything surrounding it to the world stage from an international perspective. Sake Central is a calculated emulation of Japanese food philosophy, beverage and service culture.
Created by an international team from Japan, Europe, and North America, the concept behind Sake Central is rooted in promoting the sake industry and Japanese culture on a global scale.
The first Sake Central is located in Hong Kong’s historic Police Married Quarters with the second Sake Central established in 2018 in Saigon. Bangkok, Singapore, Los Angeles and Vancouver in Canada are the next candidates with pending projects in mainland China.

Guest Chef Collaborations aimed at highlighting the culture or style of a certain cuisine and how it relates to sake. In the past three years, Sake Central is proud to have invited chefs such as Peter Franklin from Nhau Nhau in Vietnam, Diego Rossi from Trippa Milano in Italy, Julian Cincotta from Butters Fried Chicken in Australia, Tadao Obayashi from Sushi Naniwa in Japan and pastry chef Jason Licker from The USA for collaborations and events in Hong Kong.
Sake Central has also hosted numerous Sake Maker Dinners with detailed sake pairings and a great time with smaller micro-brew sake projects such as Nihonshu Oendan all the way up to larger scale producers such as Hakutsuru.
As a flagship space, Sake Central also features a cultural pavilion in collaboration with Japanese prefectural governments, specialized brand displays, handmade Japanese glassware and ceramics curated by Waka Artisans.

Sake Central has held pop ups in Italy, The Philippines, The UK, Canada, Singapore, Thailand and Japan among other destinations around the world.
Education is also offered in collaboration with MWM Wine School as the host for WSET Award in Sake Levels 1 and 3 taught by Sake Central co-founder and Sake Samurai Elliot Faber.